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How to take part

We started preparing the Partnership (the sixth) and Winter (third) and 2015 editions with many changes.

Now we have new members in the organizational structure to bring new ideas and management models that we hope will continue to maintain the Atlas Classic Rally as the benchmark test Regularity And Adventures for classic vehicles (cars and SUVs) that are made in Morocco.

We have updated our website, increased the presence of media during the rally has also increased the impact on social networks, videos and pictures posted, etc with a spectacular result that is confirmed by the increasing number of followers, the comments, which have often been shared photos and videos. Our effort has been positive and encourages us to continue in this direction for the 2015 editions.

Among other topics we have studied ways to improve for the registration of participants and we have decided to include them as novelties for these upcoming editions.


CATEGORY SPORT is the original mode in which there have been five previous editions of the rally. It can still registering all teams participating veterans and new, with the proviso that if at any time the rally a team wants to Sport mode and continue to leave the competition in the Solidarity Expedition can do it without problems.


TOURIST CLASS is ideal for those who want to participate in the Rally competition without intention of doing the tour accompanying the organizing team for road option.

The route is entirely on roads with the exception of a few specific sections of unpaved tracks to get to campsites, hotels, schools, etc.

As participants in the Sport category will be given in the table of administrative checks, a Solidarity Fund that will have to carry in their vehicles until the day of the official presentation at school or concerted partnership.

There are different categories of participation in the absence of competitive spirit so cars, vans and trucks wheel drive (4x2) or four-wheel drive (4x4) without registration deadlines allowed.


Team participant a vehicle and two persons (pilot and copilot).
Complete the Official Entry Form (download it here or by mail pídenosla).
Make income or the number corresponding transfer ES69 2100 7914 7322 0019 0170 La Caixa account in the name of Andalusia 4x4.
When making the entry sent by mail with a copy to the Official Registration Form indicating your name and team name.
Mail submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The concept of "Pre" is deleted

A new registration system makes preinscrips unnecessary.

For the Solidarity - 2015 we opened registration day next Thursday December 10, 2014 to Sunday February 15, 2015.

Basic and compulsory registration for team of two people and a vehicle:

This single payment and you have registered your team and you can participate.

- Preferential rate: From December 10/2014 to 15 January / 2015: € 350

- Normal Price: From 16 January to 15 February / 2015 (day entries close): 400 €

- For accompanying Preferred basic registration is 200 € until January 15th and Normal rate is 250 € from January 15 to February 15

Additional lodging services:

Four accommodation options. Prices per two-person team and vehicle.

Option A. Pack Adventure: No hires any accommodation with us, it does directly. Farewell Dinner NOT included. Price € 0.

B. Option Pack Camping: Hire us a bonus to have camping every night except for the marathon stage. Farewell Dinner NOT included. Price: € 80 for two people, a tent and a car.

Extra Companion: 7 campsites nights, not including night marathon stage and farewell dinner: 40 €

Option C. Pack Classic: The all previous editions. Three nights hotel 4 * half board in double room and four nights of camping. Does not include night marathon stage. SI includes Farewell Dinner. Price: € 300 for two people.

Companion Extra: Three nights in hotel and four campsites, does not include night's marathon stage and farewell dinner: 200 €

Option D. Comfort Pack includes three hotel nights 4 * half board and double room and five nights accommodation type kasbahs, bungalows to camping, or similar on half board and double room. Includes night stage includes maratón.SI Farewell Dinner. Price: 900 € for two.

Companion Extra: Three nights in 4 * hotels and five hotels kasbahs type bungalows at camping sites, etc. SI includes night's marathon stage: 500 €

Additional Services Boat ticket booking:

Flights boat. Prices per two-person team and vehicle.

The price of tickets for two people and a car ride Tarifa - Tangiers and back is 250 € (approximately depending on the shipping company and will be implemented at the time of booking).

Extra Companion: € 60 (approximately the end depends on the shipping).

If you do not want that we manage their tickets can do so directly with the shipping company. Ask for the contact.

For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Organization test
Management and bookings,
Management and ticket reservations, boat
Management of customs documentation
Design stages,
Regularity sections,
Sections Liaison
Finding routes
Memories of participation,
Farewell dinner for options C and D of accommodation.
Trophy presentation.
Test adhesives.


Accommodation costs or campsites in the night of the marathon stage are not included.
Expenses for services that are not explicitly included in the section are all on behalf of the participating teams and / or accompanying persons.
Each team is free to eat (meals every lunchtime and dinner and breakfast on the nights of camping) in the place you want and the way you decide.

Los servicios ajenos a la organización de la actividad tales como reservas de alojamientos, restauración y transportes se gestionan a través de agencias de viajes locales

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